What is 960H ? how different compare to Full D1 ?

960H DVR is Highest Resolution Ever in analogue type DVR System

960H : 960x480 Highest Resolution (=460,800 Pixel)
=Total almost half Mega Pixel

is more than 34 % High Resolution than Full D1

Full D1 : 720x480 High Resolution (=345,600 Pixel)

CIF : 352x240 (=84,480 Pixel)

Upgrade your OLD DVR (Low resolution of CIF/Full-D1
to 960H DVR Newest Technology

4 Ch 960 H.  (960 x480) DVR Package System (700TVL CAM, 2 Bullet, 2 Dome) 500 GB HDD Included, HDMI VIDEO OUT
4 Ch 960 H. (960 x480) DVR Package System (700TVL CAM, 2 Bullet, 2 Dome) 500 GB HDD Included, HDMI VIDEO OUT
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Product Description

960 x 480 Resolution (Clearest Resolution ever)

Digital Video Recorder
Video Input/Output: BNC 4CH In/ 1CH BNC Out/ 1CH VGA Out (4CH full D1)
Audio Input/Output: RCA 1CH In/ 1CH Out
Compression Method: H.264

Real time recording support:
960H : 960 x 480 with 120fps
CIF:352 x 240 with 120 Fps
D1:720 x 480 with 120 Fps
Preview resolution: 720 x 480
Playback resolution: 4 x D1
Pentaplex operation simultaneouy: Preview, recording, playback, and network live, backup, playback
RJ-45 Ethernet connector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS , Support Internet Explorer and special client software
PTZ, RS485 x 1, 2 ? USB, 1 ? IR Controller
SATA Hard Disk interface
Backup: USB2.0 and Network
Support remote view by Mobilephone

Weight: 20 lbs

Box Dimension : 16"x11"x10"

Model USO-9604U3
USO-9604U3HM Color 1/3" ColorHDIS 700TVL, with IR-CUT (1pc USO-9604U + 2pcs LICE24NHM & 2pcs LIRDBHM)
2 pcs 24IR Bullet Cam + 2 pcs Eyebal Metal Dome CAM
USO-9604U3SHE Color 1/3" Color 1/3" SONY, 960H, 700TVL, Low Illumination, ATR, OSD, DNR
(1pc USO-9604U + 2pcs LICE24NSHE & 2pcs LIRDBSHE)
Kit List 1?Built-in Fixed or Removable HD Rack DVR (optional)
24 IR CCD Cameras
1:5CH Power Distribution Wire
Conduit Camera Bracket
Camera Power
User's Manual and warranty card
IR Remote Controller
4 pcs of 20m BNC Wire