Before you purchase security cameras, several check points are necessary for your CCTV Camera Project. Here are check points you need to go over. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding these check points.

1) Check Point-1: Video Resolution

Camera cannot exceed quality of DVR. DVR can accept lower quality version with some exceptions.

- 8 Mega Pixel, Real-4K UHD Camera & DVR recorder
- 4 MP-5 MP, Lite-UHD Camera & DVR recorder
- 2 MP, 1080P, Full-HD, Camera & DVR recorder

(MP: Mega= Million Pixel)

e-mail to, for wholes-sale/factory price
We do provide you at factory price to save your CCTV project

2) Check Point-2: Camera type & Cables

We provide you either type IP-Camera and Standard BNC Coaxial Cable type Camera depends on customer's choice
However, you need understand how it different

- RJ-45, Cat5/6 Network Cable for IP-Cameras & NVR

Video file compressed to transfer & de-compress to Video-Recorder
Through/by Local Network Switch, sometimes delay times happen, which depends on Network speed

- RG59U Coaxial (Standard) Cable
Standard Camera's BNC Connection

IP Cameras are not always best quality based on reliability and resolution. For example, casinos, who usually require highest quality possible, usually do not choose IP-Cameras, because IP-Cameras usually compress Video file to transfer through network, and de-compress when it arrives to recorder, and it sometimes makes 1-2 seconds delay time, depending on Local Network Traffic speed,

HD-SDI, type of Digital Cameras, never delay times, because they do not compress Video-Files, but instead record 30 fps real-time record or even more 60 fps, to record real digital Video Files.

8/5/2 MP IP-Cameras occupy tremendous amount of networks speed.

3) Check Point-3: Brand Name/ Technology Base

Besides of Most of Super-High-End Brand name, such as PELCO/HONEYWELL,Samsung & Sony-Original., in the consumer market is usually just a distributor's brand name, and products are from Made in China

Professional installers for High-End customer project will never choose such distributor's cheaper products. They choose well-qualified products made in Korea.

4) Check Point-4: You need to check if tech support is available at your local area, or even in US-local or not.

You must check if seller can provide you with tech-support in local

James Lab CCTV will provide you with tech support and assistance in down town Los Angeles California, since more than 11 years