SMALL SIZE : Outdoor PTZ with FAST �27 Zoom w/ Image Stabilizer

SMALL SIZE : Outdoor PTZ with FAST �27 Zoom w/ Image Stabilizer
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Product Description

Powerful Zoom Camera & Setup Options •Image Sensor : 1/4" Supuer HAD color CCD •Zoom : x27 Optical Zoom, x12 Digital Zoom •Day & Night, Privacy Mask and HLC •SNR (Super Noise Reduction) Function •Various Focus Mode : Auto-Focus, Manual Focus, Semi-Auto Focus •Various Setup Options in OSD Menu. Powerful Pan / Tilt Functions •MAX. 360�/sec High Speed Pan / Tilt Motion •With the Vector Drive Technology, Pan / Tilt motions are accomplished along the shortest path. As a result, the time to target view is remarkably short and the video on the monitor is very natural in monitoring. •With the Micro-Stepping Control Technology, the video looks very natural at high zoom magnification during a jog operation on a controller since the camera can be controlled by 0.05�/sec. Hence it is very easy to make the camera focus on desired target views at high zoom magnification. Additionally it is easy to make the camera focus on desired positions with zoom-proportional pan/tilt movement. Preset, Pattern, Swing, Group, Privacy Mask and More... •MAX. 128 Presets are programmable and each preset can have its own parameter values independently from the other presets. •MAX. 8 sets of Swing are programmable. This function is that the camera moves repetitively between two preset positions at programmed speeds. •MAX. 4 Patterns are programmable, This function is that the camera memorizes the path (mostly curve path) by the joystick of the controller and revives the trajectory operated by the joystick as closely as possible. •MAX. 8 sets of Group are programmable. This function is that the camera memorizes the combination of Presets, Pattern and/or Swings sequently snd runs Presets, Pattern and/or Swings repetitively. A Group can be combined upto 20 functions with any of Preset/Pattern/Swing. •MAX. 8 Privacy Masks are programmable, not to intrude on any other's privacy. PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Control •With the RS-485 communication connection, MAX. 255 units of cameras can be connected to a single controller. •Pelco-D or Pelco-P protocols can be selected as a control protocol in the current firmware version. OSD (On Screen Display) Control •OSD menu is provided to display the status of camera and to configure the functions interactively. •The information such as Camera ID, Pan/Tilt Angle, Direction, Alarm Input and Preset is displayed on screen. Alarm In/Out Function (Only for the models which have I/O function) �3 alarm sensor inputs and 1 alarm sensor outputs are available. •Alarm sensor input is decoupled with photo-couplers to avoid external electric noise and shock perfectly. •Both of N.O. (Normal Open) sensors and N.C. (Normal Close) sensors can be used and the signal range of the sensor input is from DC 5.0V to 12.0V for various applications. •The camera can be set to move to a Preset position or to run functions such as Pattern, Swing and Group when there are extrnal sensor activations. Also "Post Alarm" function is possible, which is supposed to activate after user-defined time period and sequentially in succession to the action by external sensor activations. Reserved Presets (Hot Keys) •Most camera setup options can be set up easily and directly with the reserved presets (Hot Keys), without entering into OSD menu. For more information, refer to "Reserved Presets (Hot Keys)" in this manual. Perfect Outdoor Environment Compatibility and Easy Installation •The fans and heaters are built-in in the camera for cold and hot temperature environment. Also idealistic mechanical design protects the camera from water and dust. (IP66 when installed properly with wall mount bracket only / Only for outdoor models) •It is easy to install and repair the camera.

PT 8627 Video Signal Format NTSC / PAL Image Sensor 1/4" Super HAD color CCD Total Pixels NTSC : 811(H) x 508(V) 410K PAL : 795(H) x 596(V) 470K Effective Pixels NTSC : 768(H) x 494(V) 380K PAL : 752(H) x 582(V) 440K Horizontal Resolution 550 TV Lines (Color), 680 TV Lines (B/W) Video Signal-to-Noise 50 dB (AGC Off) Zoom x27 Optical Zoom, x12 Digital Zoom Forcal Length F1.6 ~2.9, f=3.5 ~94.5mm Angle of View H : 55.5�(Wide) ~ 2.24�(Tele) / V : 42.5�(Wide) ~ 1.79�(Tele) Zoom Speed 1.8 sec (Wide to Tele) Minimum Illuminance 0.4 Lux (Color) / 0.02 Lux (B/W), 50 IRE / F1.6 Day & Night Auto / Day / Night (ICR) Focus Auto / Manual / Semi-Auto Iris Auto / Manual Shutter Speed x256 ~ 1/120,000 sec AGC Low / Middle / High / Manual / Off White Balance Auto / Manual (Red, Blue Gain Adjustable. 1800°K ~ 10500°K) BLC BLC / HLC / Off Flicerless Selectable SSNR Low / Middle / High / Off Privacy Zone 8 Masks, Spherical Coordinate Stabilization ON / OFF Movement Range Pan : 360� (Endless) Tilt : 90� Speed Preset : 360� / sec Jog : 0.05 ~ 360� / sec. (Proportional to Zoom) Swing : 1 ~ 180� / sec Preset 127 Presets (Label, Independent Camera Parameter Setting) Pattern 4 Patterns [1200 Commands (Approx. 5 Minute) / Pattern] Swing 8 Swings Group 8 Groups (MAX. 20 Actions with The Combination of Preset, Pattern and Swing) Other Pan/Tilt Function Auto Flip, Auto Parking, Power Up Action and etc. Communication RS-485 Protocol Pelco-D, Pelco-P Selectable OSD English, Menu / PTZ Information etc. Sensor Input 3 Inputs, Photo-Coupler Type, DC 5V ~ 12V Alarm Outputs 1 Output, Relay Output, MAX. Load DC24V 1A / AC 125V 0.5A Fan Always ON Heater Operation Start from Internal Temperature 10°C Operation Temperature -30°C ~ 50°C / -22°F ~ 122°F Power AC 24V / 1.5A

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